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Innovative Community Participation

We specialise in supporting children and families through

Innovative Community Participation Programs (NDIS code 09_008_0116_6_3)

Increased social and community participation through innovative programs to support individual’s needs. This is an NDIS registered area where we can develop a program to support children who are not able to participate because of their unique situation and disability.

  • We can support you implementing a program developed by Speech Language Pathologists & Occupational Therapists.
  • This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to be supported and be reassured they are doing the best to improve their child’s speech and language skills, fine, & gross motor skills as well as sensory programs.
  • We can supplement the program increasing opportunities for solid growth in language skills and OT skills.
  • Support for children with school attendance stresses or transitioning to fulltime education (NDIS approved)
  • An approved session for children transitioning to fulltime schooling or needing an alternate education experience break during the school week to cope in mainstream schools.
  • Support in schools through negotiation with the school, to provide additional support for children in schools.
  • Equine Assisted Learning (NDIS approved)