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Early Intervention and Support

What is Early Childhood Intervention Supports?
(NDIS 0118)

Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) is a nationally consistent, best practice support approach for children 0-6 years old who have a developmental delay or disability, which provides individualised support for each child based on their needs.

The NDIS ECEI approach has been designed to support all children and their families to achieve better long-term outcomes, regardless of diagnosis. All children and families will be treated as individuals to ensure that they receive the right support to meet their goals and aspirations. The type of supports will be different for every child and their family according to their needs.

Eligible participants will have budgets built by ECEI Partners to reflect the child and family individual needs, applying the reasonable and necessary criteria. Budgets will allow flexibility in service delivery by ECEI providers to reflect the changing needs of the participant.

The provision of supports under early childhood intervention are expected to deliver outcomes for the child that will enable participation in mainstream or education from commencement of school. Each child’s NDIS plan will summarise the outcomes expected from early intervention and will be reviewed at least annually.

Providers of these supports can use the same claiming rules for travel, cancellation and report writing as those providing therapy supports.

How does Field of Dreams provide Early Childhood Intervention Supports?

As an experienced early childhood professional Anne provides an individualized approach by gaining insights into parent’s goals and other professionals goals for a child, then plans an individual program to support the child’s developmental delay or disability. We believe in focusing on the whole child and the family, as parents will be the first teachers and supporters for the child’s whole life. We are here to support the family to develop the skills necessary to support and advocate for their child prior to school and throughout their school life, as well as develop the child’s individual skills. We provide a unique service, family and child focused, through play and the natural environment, supported through explicit skill development.

Playgroup- Nature play

  • Sensory regulation
  • Behaviour skills for social situations
  • Social skills
  • Gross motor
  • Fine motor
  • Pre-literacy skills
  • Pre-numeracy skills
  • Creativity and art
  • Individual skills/ goals met by two experienced staff
  • Parent education and support