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About F.o.D

Support offered

Field of Dreams offers

  • Early Intervention and Support
  • Innovative Community Participation
  • Equine Assisted Learning
  • Playgroup
  • Tutoring
  • Home-school support for children with additional needs
  • Parent information sessions
  • Family social gatherings to develop “The Village that Raises the Child”.

Meet Anne Pearson

Anne Pearson is the founder and owner of Field of Dreams. Anne taught in Queensland state schools from 1986 until 2018, predominantly in the early years firstly teaching in Preschool then in Prep when it was introduced in 2007. She has always had a special interest in supporting young children with additional needs and has been recognised for her experience in this area. Anne has qualifications at tertiary level Dip Teach (NRCAE), BECE (CQU), and as a Beginning Teachers Mentor. She is a member of the Early Childhood Teachers Association (ECTA)and was on the State Co-ordinating Committee for 10 years.

Anne is an Equine Assisted Learning professional, who also uses her therapy dog to support children’s development. Anne is passionate about using animals and the natural environment to support young children to achieve their goals in a loving, caring way.

Anne is involved in various training and support programs which ensure her knowledge and skills are continually refreshed and extended. Anne regularly attends conferences and workshops, so she is kept well informed with new evidence based, researched practice. Anne also supports fellow teachers through presenting at conferences and workshops, and as a Beginning Teacher Mentor.

Anne has specialised training in play-based pedagogy; working with young children with additional needs; supporting children diagnosed with Autism; fine motor development; handwriting; supporting the programs developed by Speech-Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists; Developing phonemic awareness and using the knowledge of phonics; Sensory play and support; Using animals to support children.


Leif Hallberg

Here is a shout out to Anne Pearson who started this Master Class journey with me and all the others, but ended up not able to complete the course in full. I have learned so very, very much along the way, and reading Anne's comments nearly brought me to tears. To think that Anne took what she learned from this course and RAN WITH IT, creating the business and the life for herself that she wanted is so powerful. Thank you Anne for sharing these comments with me, and for being a part of this amazing experiment in community-based, self-directed learning! "The Master Class changed my life. I gained insight into myself as a horseman and a capable EAL facilitator. The journey challenged me, was emotional and inspiring. Leif is an insightful presenter who puts part of her in everything we did. I have a new career, new outlook and a fresh look at the way horses and nature can be part of my business. My business has become more successful and able to support a broader range of clients." "This course has totally changed my career. I now work in the industry and am focused on developing my skills as a rider, teacher and facilitator. I have begun to be mentored by an equitation scientist and am developing my program and my riding/horsemanship skills under the umbrella of Equitation Science. It has changed the way I think of my herd and my relationship with them."
Leif Hallberg

Internationally–recognized author, leading expert, and experiential psychotherapist